Yoga is for EveryBody

It is my passion to share the many benefits of the daily practice of yoga and to inspire and encourage others to reach their highest potential on and off their mats.

We are all drawn to our mats for different reasons.  Perhaps it is to build strength and endurance; to look good and lose weight; or to quiet the mind.  Maybe we have an injury and we wish to rehabilitate ourselves. Whatever the reason, yoga never really is what you think it is going to be.  The practice itself naturally becomes a personal journey of self awareness.

It is through the physical practice (asanas) that we cultivate qualities and behaviours to help us make healthy conscious decisions in all areas of our lives. Strength, endurance and stilling of the mind is focused on in your practice through your breath.  Connecting our breath to our movements allows us to experience the relationship between the breath (pranayama) and the postures (asanas).  This is called Vinyasa. The breath is considered to be the “heart” of the yoga practice.  Controlling your breath allows you to enhance the energy that makes you alive.

Practicing with intention and acknowledging the understanding of the connection between the physical sensations and the emotions that reside with in the body brings health and well-being.  The word yoga translates to mean “union” “community” and “connection” … coming together, practicing patience and refining ourselves ~ yoking of the mind, body and spirit.

“When your body is healthy, your emotional and mental health also improves!”


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